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okay, i got a great idea, let's all get drunk !

- steve sanders from 3.28 something in the air

90210 stillness
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the human effect
Welcome to stillness_90210, a still icon community dedicated to the hit show, Beverly Hills 90210 and it's most recent spin off, the CW's 90210.

The icons can not be animated. Like, never ever.


1. A new one will go up every week, on Monday afternoon.
2. You will have until Friday night to get your icons in. Voting will begin Saturday morning, and go until Sunday night. Monday afternoon, after I get home from school, the winners will be announced and a new contest will start.


1. Your icons must fit the LJ standards. It may be no bigger than 100 pixels by 100 pixels, or 40 KB, in .PNG, .GIF, .JPG format.
2. You may not post your icons anywhere else until after the winners are up. This includes your own journal. After a new contest starts, feel free to post your icon anywhere you want.
3. You may enter four icons a contest. No more.
4. Use the pictures provided, unless stated otherwise.
5. NO ANIMATIONS. They're awesome, but just no.
6. Do not steal any icons. You are free to use them, with the creator's permission. Either leave a comment and a mod will ask, or ask them yourself. Either way works.
7. Follow all the rules, or your icon will be disqualified.


1. First, before you even consider entering, you must a ) be a member and b ) have read all the rules above.
2. We suggest using either TinyPic to host your icon, but whatever works for you. Make sure it allows hotlinking. If I can't see your icon, then I can't feature it in the voting. Too bad, so sad.
3. All comments are screened.
4. Post all icons like this :

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

5. Please do not blend the caps, unless it says too.
6. You can enter up to four icons, as said before, but you must use different pictures on every icon.
7. Feel free to use textures, whatever on your icons. Just no animation.


All times are eastern.

MONDAY AFTERNOON : contest starts. Depends on what time I can get on after school, between 3:30 PM and 5:30 PM.
FRIDAY NIGHT : last night to get your icons in, midnight.
SATURDAY : voting starts.
SUNDAY NIGHT : voting ends, midnight. A new contest will be up on Monday.


1. You may vote for up to four icons. No more than that.
2. You must be either a member or watching the community to vote. Don't ask people to join just to vote - that is really lame. If your icon is good, you'll win.
3. Don't vote for your own icons.
4. Winners will each get a banner.


First Place.
Second Place.
Thrid Place.
Most Unique.
Mod's Choice.

Thank you buffy_stillness for help with the rules =)


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